Jazz and hip hop fusion, Jared spills his heart through his lyrics expressing his pain and sorrow…Plessy V. Ferguson (20??) song takes it back to the old school with a flow and style that makes it easy to empathize with the artist, making you feel the pain as well. Artistic elements behind a hip hop music that sheds light on the travesties that are still going on today based on vacuous mindsets that a lot of our population has today. Listen to the song by clicking the album cover below and think, peace. -indigoindie




Artist/Band: Jared Wesley
Song: Plessy v. Ferguson (20??)
MP3 or Youtube/Vimeo Video: https://soundcloud.com/thejaredwesley/plessy-v-ferguson-20
Website and/or Social Media: https://twitter.com/thejaredwesley






Business / Inquiries email: thejaredwesley@gmail.com

Origin: Jared Wesley was born in Valdosta, Ga & raised in Atlanta, Ga

Debut Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 1
Mixtape Link: http://www.datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-1-mixtape.500952.html

Second Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 2
Mixtape Link: http://www.datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-2-mixtape.595221.html


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