Mannnn, I hope i’m this smooth when i’m old.




All the grandmas and Grandpas in this video did their own stunts :)
They range in age from 65-92! Between them, they have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren!!!

Recorded at Soularium Studios
Engineer: Stoker White

Genesis Band:

Dennis Pegues
Don Harwell
James Shepphard
Natalie Shepphard
Eddie Gist

Featuring : Jean Elliots “Golden Girls” (The Dancing Grandmas)
These beautiful ladies are well known in the utah area for performing popular dance routines at Half-time Basketball games.

Alex Boye’

Director of Photography:
Rj Idos

Rj Idos and Marcus Joseph

Alex Boye’s Makeup @ Vfx:
Alyson Hancey
Marren Bailey

Nightclubscene filmed at the Stereo Room Courtesy of Dave ‘Dub D’ Devaney. for more info:

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