“Isabel & The Uncommons” are a groovy band with enough variety in sound that is sure to resonate with most indie music lovers. Good sounding vocals added in with good guitar rifts, percussian and harmonics, ‘Isabel & The Uncommons’ do an excellent job in keeping the listener engaged. Check out a live performance in the vid above!

*You Can check out all of their currently released songs @ the social links below!

Artist Bio

Isabel Fryszberg is a singer, fiddler, and songwriter based in Toronto.

Her soon-to-be released debut album of original songs “Hearts and Arrows” spans the range of emotion of the human heart. Each song springs uniquely from true stories of picking up the pieces after a broken love relationship. Although she understands the challenges of heartbreak her music remains hopeful, coloured with courage and at times humour. Isabel Fryszberg’s genre-jumping songs come from the music she loves, embracing rock and roll, country, blues, Americana, Appalachian fiddle music, folk, Tin Pan Alley and traditional jazz. Her music is informed by [Read More]





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