“Upbeat, easy to follow lyrics and a great voice, “I Don’t Want You Anyway” sounds like a hit for the radio waves in the making.” -indigoindie

Artist bio:

Soo Han is an exceptionally talented musician. With an extensive education from Walnut Hill Arts School, New England Conservatory, and New York University (Master’s) in musical studies, composition, and contemporary voice, she is a talented composer and singer. A classically trained musician, her new single, “I Don’t Want You Anyway,” is a contemporary pop-influenced song that beautifully highlights Soo’s voice. The new single is available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/19ApEVm

Co-written by Soo Han and Sarah Goldfeather, “I Don’t Want You Anyway,” features a mixture of musical elements that gives the track its uniqueness. Soo’s voice genuinely presents her ability to capture the audience with the music she creates. Also an experienced music director and music coordinator, Soo has directed musicals such as “Enchanted by a Spell” along with other theater productions.


Soo Han, “I Don’t Want You Anyway”

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