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So there’s a new TV show in the making called, “Dating In Real Life” starring Bo Starks  and it looks pretty hilarious. In the trailer for it, Bo Starks reminds me of myself when going out with a ratchet girl haha, the girl he’s out on a date with,  named Jenny,  is cracking jokes left and right about the food and the workers acting a complete fool. The funny things is, I’m pretty sure we all know that one person who acts that way out in public, unless it’s you :P .  Funny series that looks to poke fun of the craziness of dating, check out the trailer below to see a sneak peak yourself!

Also, Bo starks is working on a couple more projects one of them being a TV show called City of Dreams. I’ve seen some of it already and it looks pretty good! It’s a docu-drama series with a cast of six gorgeous females and their adventures in the city. Be on the lookout for that as well.



I was also fortunate to be able to do a Q&A with Bo Starks and get a little inside about himself and future movie “Love or Laughs”, as well as advice for people wanting to get into the industry. 

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1.) Indigo Indie: What is the story behind Love or Laughs?

Starks: “Love Or Laughs is about a girl name Kim, who meets a guy name Boogie on the internet. Boogies tells Kim to bring some friends, Boogie brings some friends and it turns into one big group date but once everybody meets up the girls get to choosing and the comedic adventure begins.”

2.) Indigo Indie: If you had to compare it to any movie in the theaters in the last 3 three years, which movie would would it compare to the closest? And why?

Starks: “Of course every one says their movie is different but I would say my movie is similar in comedy and action to “Hangover” and “Think Like Man” but I would also have to compare it to “Booty Call” and “American Pie.” Those movies all had strong action scenes and lots of comedy, Love Or Laughs has lots of comedy too but our characters are crazier”

3.) Indigo Indie: How did Bo Starks transition into the film industry? And what was he doing prior?

Starks: “For a time I was just a hustler, learning how to get rich and enjoying the adventures of living on the edge of the law. I really lived my raps thats why I never had issues credibility.”

4.) Indigo Indie: What are some of Bo Starks future projects?

Starks: “I’m starring in a sitcom about dating called “Dating In Real Life” and I’m producing another movie that I wrote. Its a drama horror, I wrote it for the super dope Meagan Good and her peoples say she likes it. I think it’ll be big.”

5.) Indigo Indie: Any advice he may have for aspiring filmmakers, directors or writers who want to get into the industry?

Starks: “I’m a strong believer in persistence. If your passionate about it then focus your mind on being it, see your self in the place you dream.”

6.) Indigo Indie:  Are you on social media and do you use it in your work? Why or why not?

Starks: “I do not have a facebook but I do tweet @goodmoneybo. Social media is a great place to connect fans to the newest projects I create. I post links to trailers and tv show sizzlers on my timeline, and some times I’ll show pics of me and my friends popping bottles at the club. Everything that is entertainment involved is at @goodmoneybo”

7.) Indigo Indie: And if you could only choose one to do for the rest of your life would you rather be a director, filmmaker or writer? And why?

Starks: “That’s a great question, I would rather be the producer. I view my self as the connect, the man that can make it happen and see the project through until completion, and the producer is the connect on the film set, he is the person that makes sure we have a product. If the director quits the producer has to direct and if there is no script the produce better produce one.

Thanks man it was fun!”


L_L3_2c61 (1)

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