“Suburban Vermin’s new album “Headless Over Heels” is a punk/rock sensation that definitely exceeded my expectations. Powerful vocals and awesome instrumentals blend in to bring a rich and very real emotional sound that actually well,sounds “real” and not “manufactured” like a lot of mainstream music nowadays.

Check out Suburban Vermin (by clicking the album cover or link below), as well as their social media pages to stay updated below! ”


Suburban Vermin



When you think of Seattle, its eclectic music scene is an immediate association. The birthplace of grunge music is still home to a vibrant alternative rock scene, as bands such as Suburban Vermin keep the fire alive with great songs and frantic live BIO shows.

The punk rock combo is influenced by classic acts, as well as the contemporary scene, boasting gritty and powerful guitars, in-your-face vocals and tight drums hide a somewhat catchy core that will resonate with fans of bands such as The Clash or The Buzzcocks, as well as contemporary bands such as Alkaline Trio or The Distillers.


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