Red Martian has done it again, with their most recent album “Ghost in the Fog” being a solid hit of six singles that I’m sure will invoke a positive resonance in anyone who listens. After listening to the whole album I have a couple of faves, being tied between ‘Use’, ‘Ghost into the fog’ and ‘Ago’.


Each of the songs have a very mesmerizing feel instrumental wise, with the guitar picks sounding smooth and the vocals even smoother. The song “Ghost into the fog” has a very chill take in the indie rock genre, sounding  a bit like the Gorillaz in style.


The singles “None”, “Ago” , “みなぞう“, and “UNDERTOW“ take a more upbeat approach right from the start with powerful drum and guitar combo mixed in with the chilaxed style of the vocals to make an enjoyable listen.


The other songs on the album, “Use”, “Wont” and “Ingenting” are also vibrant songs with their own unique style that seems to encompass sounds of a mix of different indie rock songs which makes for their own unique flair.

Overall, a fun indie album to listen too that everyone with ears should give a listen too, even if you aren’t a fan of most indie rock songs. Get a sample of  some of the songs and buy the album to support the rising indie group! Click the link below!


Artist Bio:

Formed in 1999, Red Martian came out of the DIY punk scene in Seattle, WA. Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, New York Dolls, and Iggy Pop, the band continues to produce hardhitting, whirring guitar sounds that breathe new air into the genre. Having previously released five CDs, six vinyl LPs, and four acetate limited-edition EPs on the band’s own label (Bughlt Records), Red Martian is proud to be back with its sixth studio album, Ghost Into The Fog.

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