One of my fave prank youtubers back in the day when he used to rap. Check out one of his old school rhymes



What am I gonna do with my life?
I want a better future, so I look into the sky at night
but at the height of it all
I got my head and knees to the ground
wit tears running down, and now im tryna fight

for no more struggling in sight
and so I frantically write
to scribble in my applications
and really my journey is full of aberrations
Feel I have patience but everyday theres just another altercation
for real…

Relationships are still goin downhill
at every hill theres still another dead end
still I cant understand why all my damn friends start attackin my akillies again
I tend to

have a million dreams
I want a million cash
I want a million things
I want a million fast

but theres a billion it seems mountains, to climb
I guess im struggling to try to find the time to grind
and its a race to climb
into the the highest place
and stay safe so I
can save face
in space and raise my fist high in the sky
a fuck you to the haters all over the place and Ill fly
soarin like a bird looking down all over the world
but my lifes a blur
I cant remember a thing
is this life a dream?
yo what the fuck does it really all mean?
they sing

Im so
Tired of negativity blatantly aint no chivalry
Pitiful people aint fit to be civil
so dont belittle yourself and go and scribble
frivolous text to you ex when your hearts brittle

Im prayin for a miracle
but Im feelin satirical
my voice is weary
hear me my dear you will see im lyrical

its mind over matter but what matters im original
a batter wit chatter that shatters and splatters the visuals
my thoughts scattered
clothes tattered like the mad hatter individual
whos badder you or me
know its a fact that its the latter

musics keepin me fatter, so yo Im eatin a platter
im such a beast when im madder, you wanna leach me im flattered

I cure the fears of a million years
for people crying and dying sheddin vermilion tears
appears here we relying on lying and pryin civilian peers
who replying sneers of reptilian veneers

Yo is the end near? tell me that its my imagination
devastation isolated desolation
People be fallin apart, followin dark
they got no love and no heart what a fucking abomination

it sparks
motivation to be your salvation
see civilization
needs a place in
no limitations
feeling safe in
celebrations of invariant creation


I got unlimited problems and i got limited time
so much drama money literally frittered away in bind
and im infinitely contested
unjustly arrested indefinite excessive under stress and its killing me
Let me confess diligently the press is aggressively interest invested
Obsessively professin im living my life in excess
best to try to express my regrets nevertheless

Depression shoots through my veins and I regress
Wait, who in the world should I impress?
Im progressing though this life in a mess
almost like searching for an address no gps
But Im headed to success with finesse, unrested
said it again so get the message
effervescence has been tested as suggested
now at the benevolent hour
my talent and power is what i have been blessed with

But see

Theres just some things that they wont ever tell you
so learn it for yourself will prevail you
and who ever you are
whenever you are
frail you should know that theyll assail you
now take a deep breath and inhale
till your blue in the face and look pale
dont never sell out because hell
in the end theyll never bail you out
when the rain turns to hail
theyll only fail you
never unveil you.


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