Ambruce – Terror Prod. by The BlakkLightz

From the agony of a soul scorned by a society that claims to empower it comes a ballad of an oppressed young talent driven to express his emotional turmoil and personal ambitions through lyric. Serving as the debut album from Dallas emcee Ambruce, “The Miscreant” introduces a bold artist who is apparently undeterred by his obstacles, unimpressed with his social expectations and unafraid to let you know exactly who he is and what he’s thinking. If the 1960′s Civil Rights Movement impregnated the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, this would be their lovechild.

His latest project finds him collaborating with established producer DJ Blakk, the mastermind behind several of DFW’s most popular songs. Blakk serves as the producer of the majority of the album, and his genre-bending versatility gives Ambruce’s raw, unique delivery the perfect canvas on which a masterpiece is created.

Whether you enjoy an introspective point of view, are looking for a militant’s perspective on social rebellion, or if you just want to experience true individuality, “The Miscreant” never fails to deliver. The project is chock full of surefire radio bangers (“Above The Rim”, “Pole Fitness”), thought-provoking ballads (“Truth Hurts”, “In The Wind”, “Ride”), and certified street anthems (“No Laughing Matter”, “Terror”). It is slated for a Spring 2014, which makes certain that Dallas will have a scorching hot summer for more reasons than just the Texas sun.

Ambruce – Terror Prod. by The BlakkLightz

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